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david-weiss-webDr. David Weiss currently serves as the Interim Dean of University College. He is also an Associate Professor with UNM’s Department of Communication & Journalism. His teaching and research focus on media studies and mediatization, political communication, popular culture, strategic communication, and their intersections with health and science communication. His work has been published in venues including The Journal of Popular Television, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Vaccine, and The Journal of Magazine and New Media Research. In his spare time, Dr. Weiss enjoys exploring the US Southwest, hiking, keeping up with current cinema, and playing Scrabble in local clubs and national tournaments.






Caitlin Lippitt


Jonathan Davis-Secord


Christopher Lyons

Interim Associate Dean
for Student Success





Associate Dean for Faculty
& Staff Development

on professional leave
until August 1, 2024


Interim Associate Dean for
Faculty & Staff Development
Interim Director of
Liberal Arts & Integrative Studies

Caitlin Lippitt is Interim Associate Dean for Student Success and Undergraduate Program Director for Geography and Environmental Studies.  Dr. Lippitt’s research interests include biogeography, invasive species, remote sensing of vegetation, fire ecology, the role of disturbance in plant communities. 













Jonathan Davis-Secord is an Associate Professor of English studying the literature of early medieval England. He is the author of Joinings: Compound Words in Old English Literature (UTP, 2016) and of articles on a variety of Old English, Latin, and Middle English works, as well as medieval music. Dr. Davis-Secord’s current research focuses on asking new questions of old texts through lenses such as trans studies and critical race theory. He has served as the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies in the UNM English Department and has been part of several regional and international scholarly societies.








Christopher Lyons is Interim Associate Dean for Faculty & Staff Development and Interim Director of Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies at the University of New Mexico University College and a Professor with UNM’s Department of Sociology & Criminology. His teaching interests focus on crime, justice, and urban communities. His research strives to understand how social, economic, and political dimensions of structural inequality shape disparities in community violence, and the explicit or subtle ways that axes of difference influence the mobilization of socio-legal control. His research has been supported by the National Science Foundation and published in outlets such as the American Journal of SociologyAmerican Sociological ReviewCriminologySocial Problems, and Social Forces. Christopher enjoys hiking and exploring the great Southwest.






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Melissa John

Director, Office of Pre-Health Professions Student Development


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