Academic Forms

General Education Curriculum

This website helps you track the General Education curriculum requirements, which are part of the Baccalaureate (Bachelor’s) degree program for all UNM students.

GPA Calculation

Use this form to help calculate your unofficial UNM GPA. It can be helpful in setting goals for achieving your desired semester GPA.

Credit Hour Increase Request

Students are restricted to taking 18 credit hours during a regular semester. Students with proven academic success are allowed to take 19-21 credit hours as an exception. Use this form to request permission to take more than 18 hours during the Fall or Spring semesters or more than nine (9) hours during the Summer. Email the completed form to your advisor and allow your advisor two business days to process. Note: there will be an additional tuition charge for a course load above 18 credit hours Fall/Spring semesters and above 9 hours for Summer.

Drop with Dean’s Approval Form

After the 12th week of the semester (6th week of second eight week courses), dropping courses requires Dean’s permission. Complete the online "Enrollment Authorization - Drop with Dean's Permission" form found on the Registrar's Office site.  Further instructions about this process may also be found here.  Note, this form must be submitted no later than 4 PM on the appropriate deadline date to ensure it is considered for University College Dean's approval.  

Suspension Appeal

Students placed on suspension that have documentable extenuating circumstances may appeal the decision. Appeal reviews will be based solely on the materials submitted, and decisions are final.  If placed on academic suspension you will be emailed a suspension appeal form, but if you need a replacement copy please email from your UNM email address.