Non-Degree Seeking

The University College Advisement Center (UCAC) is available to all non-degree students.  Our Non-Degree Academic Advisors can aid non-degree students in developing a foundation to navigate the university system as well as be a first point of contact for non-traditional, non-degree students who are transitioning back into the college environment.


Types of non-degree students:

Non-Degree Undergraduate

  1. Students who have not completed an undergraduate degree and who are not admitted to a degree seeking program. 
  2. Students who are not seeking a degree but may be taking academic courses for personal growth and enrichment.
  3. Students who are not currently seeking a degree but are taking pre-requisites to get into a future program.
  4. Many international students that are only temporarily studying at UNM are also classified as non-degree and further assistance for such students is also available from the UNM Global Education Office.

Non-Degree Graduate

  1. Students that have already earned an undergraduate degree but are taking pre-requisite courses to apply to a graduate program.
  2. Students that have already earned an undergraduate degree but are taking courses for personal growth and enrichment or a refreshed understanding of certain subjects and areas of interest.
  3. When you earn a bachelor's degree from UNM you are also reclassified as a non-degree graduate the semester immediately after.



We invite you to explore this page for information on our many graduate and professional programs.

This status allows individuals to earn academic credit without being formally admitted in a degree-seeking status. This option accommodates non-traditional students who wish to begin taking academic courses at the University without taking college entrance exams; those who missed the degree status deadline; and those who wish to take academic courses to prepare for graduate studies, career changes, or for professional and/or personal development. 

When you earn a bachelor's degree from UNM you are also reclassified as a non-degree graduate the semester immediately after.  For more information about non-degree graduate status please see this page provided by the UNM Office of Graduate Studies.   

Students in non-degree status are typically not eligible to receive financial aid. Exceptions may be made for non-degree students enrolled in courses necessary for admittance into a degree program or for teacher certification.  Please see this page for more information.  Please Note: Any applicable non-degree financial aid forms must be signed by the associated academic department, not University College.

Admissions requirements, timelines, and processes vary across all graduate programs.  You will want to check with the individual department(s) you are considering.
No, UNM Admissions provides guidelines specific to non-degree status which may be found here
Graduate Support at the Center for Teaching & Learning (FKA Graduate Resource Center) is available to help you as is the Office of Career Services.  Information about recommendation letters may also be found here.   
See this page for MD requirements, this page for PT requirements, this page for OT requirements, and this page for PA requirements. Please note, this list is not all inclusive of every graduate degree the UNM Health Sciences Center offers, only the most common.
In addition, the UNM School of Medicine Office of Admissions offers pre-med advisement to any students interested in applying to medical school. Please see this page for more information related to that.
Registration deadlines are set by the Registrar’s Office and may be found here.
Tuition rates are posted on the UNM Bursar's Office website linked here, and specific info about UNM's senior citizen tuition discount may be found here.  
Please see this link for a short video tutorial of the LoboWeb registration portal.
Registration errors occur for a variety of reasons, and this page lists most of them.
When in doubt, it is always best to work with the department who offers the course and/or instructor of record, but with official proof satisfying UNM standards and expectations we may be able to help you in some cases.
Please Note: while UNM Admissions receives transcripts for non-degree students they typically do not upload them to the student record of a non-degree student, so prerequisite errors are common for non-degree students if you have coursework outside UNM. 
UNM has a Veteran & Military Resource Center specifically trained and available to help you with such questions.