The Non-Degree credit program allows students to earn academic credit without being admitted into a degree granting program. The program allows students who want to be admitted to the University without taking college entrance exams; those who missed the degree status deadline; and those who wish to take academic courses to prepare for a graduate program as well as students who are looking to take courses of interest without pursuing a degree. 

Non-Degree status is also an option for students seeking classes for personal enrichment. UNM offers a variety of many disciplines that are great for those seeking to develop a deeper understanding of the fine arts, humanities, STEM areas, and social/behavioral sciences. UNM offers a senior citizen discount for those looking to take a class or two. For more information on UNM's senior citizen discount, please visit: .

Academic Advisement

The Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center advises all non-degree students. During appointments, the Non-Degree Academic Advisor aids non-degree students in developing a firm foundation for navigating through the University system as well as assists the student in developing a timeline for complete prerequisites for many graduate and professional programs offered at UNM. In addition, the non-degree advisor acts as a first point of contact for non-traditional, non-degree students who are transitioning back into the college environment.

Types of non-degree students:

Non-Degree Undergraduate

  1. Those students who are not seeking a degree but are taking courses for personal growth and enrichment.
  2. Students who are taking pre-requisites to get into a professional program.

Non-Degree Graduate

  1. Students that have already earned their Bachelor’s Degree but taking courses to apply to graduate school.
  2. Students that have already earned their Bachelor’s Degree but are taking pre-requisite courses for another Baccalaureate degree.

Non-Degree Graduate/Undergraduate Taking Classes for Personal Enrichment

  1. Students that plan to take courses for personal enrichment to obtain a better understanding of certain subjects and areas of interest. Senior Citizens taking courses using the UNM discount program to take classes for personal enrichment.

The following students are not eligible for Non-Degree status:

  1. A student who is under disciplinary or academic suspension from the University of New Mexico or any other collegiate institution.
  2. A student who has exhausted his or her eligibility in University College and is not academically eligible to enter a degree-granting college at the University of New Mexico.
  3. A student who has not completed a degree and was previously enrolled in degree status in an undergraduate college at the University of New Mexico.
  4. A student from another country who is in the United States on a student visa.
  5. A student who has been refused admission to degree status.
  6. A student planning to receive student financial aid.