Current Student Information

Advisement Appointment

Come to the advisement appointment with a prepared course schedule for your next semester of classes. Your advisor will give suggestions on classes and discuss your degree progress. After the meeting, your advisor will remove the advisement hold. (LoboTrax, see below) Refer to General Education & for course information.

Registration Holds

University College applies a Registration Hold once every semester. This hold requires you to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss your courses and academic progress. (See Above)

University College applies the following Registration Holds

  • Mandatory Freshman Advisement Hold: This hold appears each semester of your first academic year at UNM. This is hold is usually lifted during New Student Orientation before your first semester of college.
  • Plan of Study Review Hold: This hold appears each semester, after you earn 27-59 credit hours, to discuss your course schedule with an academic advisor.
  • 60+ Hold: This hold appears if you have been classified as a Junior (60 hours or more) and if you have not been accepted to your degree granting college. This hold requires a meeting with your advisor to specifically discuss your current academic progress. For Pre-Health students, we will discuss the courses needed for admission to your program. For Undecided students, we will guide you while strongly encouraging you to select a major.
  • Probation Hold or Academic Review Required: This hold appears if your overall GPA falls below a 2.0. It requires a meeting with an advisor and the signing of a probation contract before your next semester. This contract lists your classes for the probation year and emphasizes the importance of the 2.5 GPA required to avoid academic suspension during a probation semester.

What's your classification?

0 - 26 hours
27 - 59 hours
60 - 89 hours
90 hours and beyond

Career Options

Visit UNM's Career Services website to utilize all of the great resources they provide.  Try the website to search career options, salary potential and growth in the field.


Every student should be using their LoboTrax audit to review their degree requirements. We strongly recommend students view and save a copy of their audit on a semester basis. To find out more information about LoboTrax, click here

Scholarship questions

Here is a useful link in seeing rules for UNM Scholarships, beyond the Lottery Scholarship.