This link http://advisement.unm.edu/resources/technology/loboachieve/index.html will show you step by step instructions on how to schedule an appointment in LoboAchieve. If you are a prospective student, please email your advisor to schedule an appointment. 
Please contact the departmental advisor (e.g. Math, English, etc.) for class override information.
The Dean’s List of University College honors students who achieve a minimum semester grade point average of 3.5 with a minimum of 15 credit hours completed in graded courses (no CR/NC), and no grades below a “C” and no grades of “NC”. Under University policy, Dean’s List honors are recorded on the student’s individual academic transcript.
Yes. Plan to meet with your academic advisor to discuss your semester coursework and degree progress. See the “How do I make an appointment” FAQ to schedule an advising session.
We generally recommend a maximum of three semesters of exploration for Undecided students. The UNM General Education Curriculum is a great foundation to explore potential majors.
Please refer to degrees.unm.edu. This site provides for year degree plans for all undergraduate majors. Use catalog.unm.edu for in depth course descriptions and pre-requisite information.
Please come to your meeting with a prepared course schedule for the semester. Refer to the UNM core curriculum sheet for course ideas. You and your advisor will discuss the coursework and your current academic path.
Please refer to scholarships.unm.edu for GPA and credit requirements for academic scholarships.
The UNM Testing Center uses ACCUPLACER, a computer adaptive test for students who have never taken an ACT exam or students who want to challenge their ACT/SAT score(s). Results with placement recommendations are printed immediately after completion of the test(s). Students may take a math, reading and/or writing placement exams to "place out" of foundational level classes. These tests are for placement only, not for course credits. The mathematics and English departments use the highest scores for placement. Contact the Testing Center at 277-5346 for additional information.