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Research Service-Learning Program

Make an Impact - girl holding a shovelThe Research Service-Learning Program engages faculty and graduate students with undergraduates in community-based research/learning projects that respond to real-life needs and concerns. RSLP serves as a means to achieve a broad range of University and community goods:

  • As a research program, RSLP provides undergraduates with an engaging, hands-on introduction to research methods and questions from an array of disciplines. It provides graduate students with research and teaching opportunities and allows faculty to identify promising students. Faculty and students work with community residents and organizations to identify and address community projects.
  • As a service program, RSLP helps UNM fulfill its civic responsibility. The Program provides students with the opportunity to contribute to the public good. It embodies UNM’s desire to be an active partner in New Mexico’s development and provides UNM students with the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to address social and economic issues.
  • As a learning program, RSLP is grounded in the content and knowledge of participating disciplines and uses an experiential pedagogy to ensure deeper, more durable, more socially-relevant learning. Students in the Program experience the complexities of real-life situations and use a holistic approach organized around themes such as health, education, community development, environmental sustainability and economics.
  • Finally, as a program, RSLP develops long-term, collaborative relationships with community constituencies. It extends beyond a one-semester, independently conceived community-based course and complements, strengthens, coordinates, and enriches existing UNM initiatives.

Dan Young, PhD, Director