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Make an Appointment

Please select your current role to schedule an appoint with an advisor.

Appointment Request for Students Enrolled in University College

(Dental Hygiene, Emergency Medical Services, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Non-Degree, Nuclear Medicine (Radiologic Sciences), Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy, Population Health, and Undecided)  

For all other majors search the LoboAchieve network for your advisor or select the link Who is My Advisor

LoboAchieve Appointments Explained

Students in University College can schedule an appointment by looking up their assigned advisor through LoboAchieve in six easy steps. Here’s how:
1. Log into with your UNM username and password.
2. From the “Home” screen, click on the “Schedule Appointment” link located near the top right corner of the “Home” screen.
3. You can view your assigned advisor’s available appointments by day or week. Go to the day on which you would like to make your appointment, and look for an available appointment time. Available appointment times will be in green.
4. Click the preferred time and a new window will pop up.
5. Enter a Description of what you would like to discuss with your advisor during the appointment and your major in the “Appointment Reason” text box.
6. Click “Schedule”.
You will receive a confirmation of the appointment in your UNM email. Make note of it on your calendar.


Appointment Request for Prospective Students

Please complete the form to request an appointment with an Advisor.

* indicates a required field.

 If you do not see your major listed, please go to to find your advisement center. 

Please check your student level

Appointment Times

Please provide time ranges that you are available for an appointment (Example: Mondays & Thursdays noon to 3 pm) as opposed to specific dates.

Appointments are available Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. See hours open on home page and at the top of this page

Please note we do not schedule same day appointments via this website. Also, we do not schedule appointments for Mondays, when the original request was sent the previous weekend.

Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8-5.