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My Advisor

Bradford Beck picture

Bradford Beck
Sr. Academic Advisor

Advises Nursing H-O, Undecided H-I, Population Health (pre-majors), Non Degree Undergrad, and Non Degree Graduate majors

Lea Ann Curry picture

Lea Ann Curry
Sr. Academic Advisor

Advises Radiologic Sciences, Medical Laboratory Sciences, and Undecided T-Z majors (please note: search Lea Curry in LoboAchieve to schedule an appointment)

Connie Jefferson picture

Connie Jefferson
Unit Administrator I


Menelek Lumumba picture

Menelek Lumumba
Sr. Academic Advisor

Advises Dental Hygiene and Undecided A-D & J majors

Gerardo Martinez Luna picture

Gerardo Martinez Luna
Sr Academic Advisor

Advises Pre-Pharmacy and Undecided E-G & P-S majors

Kelley Parker picture

Kelley Parker
Sr. Academic Advisor

Advises Nursing A-G and Undecided K-L majors

Marlene Sanchez picture

Marlene Sanchez
Manager, Academic Advisement

Advises EMS majors (email for appointment)

Jeremiah Vasquez picture

Jeremiah Vasquez
Coordinator, Student Advisement

Advises Nursing P-Z and Undecided M-O majors

Other University College Advisors

Lukas Cash

Lukas Cash, MA

Student Success Specialist, Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies

Nancy Diodati-Miller

Nancy Diodati-Miller

Academic Advisor, Liberal Arts and Integrative Studies

catherine montoya

Catherine Montoya, MPA (Diné)

Student Programs Specialist, UNM Native American Studies