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Academic Foundations

What the Academic Foundations Program Does

We prepare students for college-level work by offering courses that support your mastery of the quantitative and critical thinking skills necessary for success in UNM classes. Our courses are designated by “UNIV 103 and 106".

Students who are required to take Academic Foundations Courses

Your scores on the ACT Math and Reading exam or SAT Verbal and Math exam determine your placement into Academic Foundations courses. It is important for your success to complete the necessary Academic Foundations courses during their first term at UNM.

You will be placed in UNIV 103 Foundational Math if:

Your ACT Math score is 17 or below, or your SAT Math score is 469 or below.

You will be placed in UNIV 106 Critical Text Analysis if:

Your ACT Reading score is 17 or below, or your SAT Evidence Based Reading/Writing score is 479 or below.

How will this placement affect me? 

We will recommend registering for courses that are compatible with the foundational courses you are taking. For example, if you place in Critical Text Analysis, we will recommend courses not requiring a lot of textbook reading.

What do I do if I feel my test scores did not place me correctly?

Students who feel that their ACT or SAT scores may not be accurate may contact the UNM Testing Center to take the appropriate placement test BEFORE your orientation session or before each semester begins.

What ACCUPLACER scores do I need?

Students who pass the ACCUPLACER (placement test) with a Math score (elementary algebra) of 41 or higher, and a Reading score of 80 or higher are not required to take the corresponding Academic Foundation class.

Academic Foundations exemptions.

Students must either test out by ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER or they must take the relevant Academic Foundations course, unless they have successfully completed previous coursework that places them out of the corresponding UNIV courses. Please meet with your academic advisor if you have questions about prior coursework.

Credit for Academic Foundations Courses.

Each Academic Foundations class counts three (3) credit hours towards your total class hours for the term. Academic Foundations classes are graded with a letter grade basis. When you successfully complete your Academic Foundations class your grade will show as a letter grade. If you fail or withdraw, your grade will show as an F or W. Academic Foundations classes count towards general graduation requirements.

Whom do I contact for more information?

Please contact your academic advisor for more information. You may also contact the Associate Dean for Curriculum and Program Development, Sonia Rankin, at 505-277-6515.